I need to match a binary column with its beginning.

For text columns it's easy: LIKE 'image/%'. This uses BTREE index if any.

Is it possible to do this also using an index for a binary column?

BTW, I store UTF-8 encoded strings in Binary, because there is no hard standard that all of them are UTF-8. So, I store a binary representation (maybe even with \0 (zero) bytes), as I cannot use UTF-8.

  • I guess your only chance is to convert the binary data to a text value, the apply the LIKE condition on that. Feb 5 at 16:35
  • @a_horse_with_no_name No, this is possible while keeping sargeability and without conversions dbfiddle.uk/… Feb 5 at 21:01
  • I was more thinking of an index on convert_from(... , 'UTF-8') then it could be like this: WHERE convert_from(... , 'UTF-8') like '...' Feb 5 at 21:30
  • 2
    The LIKE operator with bytea arguments works out of the box. That includes using a btree index for prefix matching if available. Just create your index and confirm with EXPLAIN that it's being used. Feb 6 at 0:32

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It appears LIKE just works fine against bytea in PostgreSQL:

create table t(v bytea primary key);
insert into t(v) values


select *
from t
where v like E'\x12\x34%'

gives you:



Check the EXPLAIN plan to see the index is using prefix matching.

You can also use simple half-open interval logic: >= AND <

For example:

select *
from t
order by v;



which shows you how the ordering goes.

You can do:

select *
from t
where v >= E'\x12\x34' and v < E'\x12\x35'

which gives



Note that this only works with whole bytes. For half bytes, you need to add a 0 to fill out the byte.

The same thing is possible in SQL Server.

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