I use repmgr to provide failover to my PostgreSQL cluster. If I change a server-specific parameter in the repmgr.conf file for one of my standbys, how do I get repmgr to recognize the changed value? For example, if I wanted to change the priority of one of the nodes.

I tried stopping & retarting repmgrd on the affected server. Then I tried unregistering the server from the cluster & re-registering the node. I tried registering the node with the force option. I tried stopping repmgrd for all my servers & then stopping & restarting PostgreSQL on the Primary & then restarting the repmgrd for all the servers. Nothing works - the cluster show command still shows the old value.

I've searched on the internet, but I can't find any information on how to reload the repmgr configuration.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Karin

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I've noticed that when I change the values in repmgr database (nodes table), it is instantly reflected when running cluster show command.

In my case, I wanted to change the priority of servers and modify the value in the config, restarting the service didn't do the trick.

Sadly, I have no idea why unregistering and registering didn't have the same effect in your scenario, as it should delete and insert the record in the mentioned nodes table.

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