This is My Column cmt_json_value which has values which is of type json array.

[{"name": "Pending", "value": "PENDING"}, {"name": "Error", "value": "ERROR"},{"name":"Complete", "value":"COMPLETE"},{"name":"In-Progress", "value":"IN_PROGRESS"}]

I want to Write a Postgresql query to fetch name and value as column from table configuration_matrix.

my existing query is:-

select cmt_json_value ->>'name' as name , cmt_json_value ->> 'value' as value
from configuration_matrix
cmt_category = 'LIST_OF_VALUES' and
cmt_key = 'JOB_STATUS'
order by cmt_json_value ->> 'name' asc;

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There is a special function for aggregation of name/value pairs: json_object_agg. Just place it inside a subquery or a LATERAL derived table.

select (
      json_object_agg(j->>'name', j->>'value')
    from json_array_elements(cm.cmt_json_value) j
from configuration_matrix cm;

If you only want the data as columns you can just laterally join the JSON elements.

      j->>'name', j->>'value'
from configuration_matrix cm
cross join json_array_elements(cm.cmt_json_value) j


Note that using a set-returning function in the SELECT is pretty weird and should be avoided.

  • Your advise is, well, ill-advised. Craig's answer you are linking to is the state from 8 years ago. The behavior of set-returning functions in the SELECT list has been sanitized in Postgres 10. See: stackoverflow.com/a/39864815/939860 Feb 23, 2022 at 3:07
  • It's not the behaviour per se, I think both versions are weird syntax-wise, it just doesn't make sense to me to put a set function inside a list of scalar SELECT values. Single Responsibility is a thing in language design also. But everyone can do as they see fit, it's just my opinion. You yourself say "A single set-returning function is OK (but still cleaner in the FROM list), but multiple in the same SELECT list is discouraged now. This was a useful feature before we had LATERAL joins. Now it's merely historical ballast." and I think that applies even in the newer versions# Feb 23, 2022 at 3:13
  • That, too, was before the behavior had been sanitized. The more relevant quote would be "This ends the traditionally odd behavior." Feb 23, 2022 at 3:34
select x.name, x.value 
from configuration_matrix cmt,
json_to_recordset(cmt.cmt_json_value) as x(name text, value text)
cmt.cmt_category = 'LIST_OF_VALUES' and
cmt.cmt_key = 'JOB_STATUS'
order by x.name

Even this work no need of sub queries.

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select object ->> 'name' as name , object ->> 'value' as value from
(select json_array_elements(cmt_json_value) as object
from configuration_matrix cmt
cmt.cmt_category = 'LIST_OF_VALUES' and
cmt.cmt_key = 'JOB_STATUS') as object

I tried this and its working.

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