I am trying to install extension "plpython3u" that supports writing python in postgresql.



SQL Error [22023]: ERROR: Extension "plpythonu" is not supported by Amazon RDS Detail: Installing the extension "plpythonu" failed, because it is not on the list of extensions supported by Amazon RDS.
Hint: Amazon RDS allows users with rds_superuser role to install supported extensions. See: SHOW rds.extensions;

Can you recomend a solution?

We are running the following version of postgresql:

PostgreSQL 12.7 on x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, compiled by gcc (GCC) 7.3.1 20180712 (Red Hat 7.3.1-12), 64-bit

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    PL/PyhtonU is an untrusted extension because Python opens up the possibility to do anything on the server (on operating system level). I highly doubt you will ever get this in a hosted environment
    – user1822
    Commented Feb 25, 2022 at 10:54
  • Right. One of the drawbacks of hosted databases. Commented Feb 25, 2022 at 13:47

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I opened a ticket with AWS and here is what they said:

Please allow me to inform you that unfortunately, "plpythonu" extension is not on the list of supported extensions provided by Amazon RDS. In order to check the available supported extensions on your instance you can run the below queries or check the following link [1].

=> SHOW rds.extensions;

The extension "plpythonu" in currently not be supported by RDS/Aurora as it would need access to the underlying filesystem. RDS as a managed service does not grant access to its underlying filesystem as it would break the ability to manage a database.

I regret any inconvenience caused to you due to the limitation of the service. As I believe this is an important feature for you so after researching internally, I can confirm that there is already an existing feature request in place for supporting "plpythonu"

So ,I went ahead and added your case to this feature request to have this functionality added. The AWS service teams use these feature requests, in conjunction with other avenues of customer feedback, to plan and prioritize the features they deliver.

As you might understand, any new feature has to go through a review process and once approved it will go through a development cycle and rigorous testing before it can be rolled out to the public. And hence, I don't have an exact ETA on when this feature will be available.

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