I am trying to form a jsonb object (not array) from the table (t1) below

id key value
1 hello world
1 dns
1 people 1000

I have tried

SELECT jsonb_agg(('{"' || key || '" : "' || value || '"}')::jsonb) as kv_pair FROM t1 GROUP BY id

This yields [{"hello":"world"}, {"dns":""}, {"people":1000}]

How do I flatten/ concatenate the array so the output is just a single object like so:

{"hello":"world" , "dns":"" ,  "people":1000}

It is important that I have a single object for an alembic migration.

Thanks in advance

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turns out I was overcomplicating things and using the wrong function

SELECT id, jsonb_object_agg(key, value) as kv_pair
FROM t1 

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