The essence of the problem is this. I'm trying to open pluggable database but it opens with Warning: PDB altered with errors. An error occurs in pdb_plug_in_violations (Sync PDB failed with ORA-40365 while performing 'alter user sys account lock pas sword expire'05-FEB-22 PM) about password sen for user sys and ws (created manually). I changed the passwords and did everything as it is written, but I can’t open the database normally. Tried a bunch of methods and nothing. How can this problem be solved?

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You may try to reset SYS's password.

  1. Switch to root container.

     SQL> alter session set container=CDB$ROOT;
     Session altered.
  2. Expire SYS's password for all containers.

     SQL> alter user sys password expire container=all;
     User altered.
  3. Set a new password for SYS.

     SQL> alter user sys identified by "<password>" account unlock;
     User altered.

Then test the result.

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