I don't have many experience about RMAN backup. I'm running backup daily level 1 incremental backup and weekly Level 0 incremental. Backup files will kept at 2 difference locations (each location one copy of backup files). My backup command:

run {
allocate channel d1 device type disk format '/nfs_rman_bk/mydb_bk/incr_%d_set%s_piece%p_copy%c_%T_%U','/nfs_rman_bk2/mydb_bk/incr_%d_set%s_piece%p_copy%c_%T_%U';
backup incremental level=1 database plus archivelog ;
backup CURRENT CONTROLFILE FORMAT '/nfs_rman_bk/mydb_bk/ctrl_%d_set%s_piece%p_copy%c_%T_%U','/nfs_rman_bk2/mydb_bk/ctrl_%d_set%s_piece%p_copy%c_%T_%U';
report obsolete;
delete noprompt obsolete;
release channel d1;

Everything had run smoothly until this '/nfs_rman_bk2/mydb_bk' location was broken, can not read and write to. Then I only run backup to remaining location '/nfs_rman_bk/mydb_bk'. The RMAN backup command running normally but it failed at this part:

delete noprompt obsolete;

and backup job raised one error message at the end.

man-03009: failure of delete command on d1 channel

If I can not delete obsoleted backup files, the backup location just keep growing until full.

How can I address this problem?

  • Hi, man-03009 is a very generic error message which does not indicate anything, please provide the full error sequence. Mar 30, 2022 at 10:24
  • Did you try removing the broken path from the d1 channel definition?
    – mustaccio
    Mar 30, 2022 at 13:34

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You may do

list backup;

and try to set those backupsets on the bad NFS to status unavailable

change backupset <no> unavailable;

if the device gets accessible again you can set those backupsets available again - or delete them.

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