I am running postgres on AWS RDS. RDS creates some users on its own, such as rdsadmin and rdsrepladmin. I am familiar with these

However, I also see rdstopmgr, when I query postgres for roles. Google doesn't have much to say about this user, and neither does AWS RDS docs. However, I think this may be an RDS user as well.

Here's why: When I Google 'RDS top', I find this page from AWS RDS docs. This makes me think rdstopmgr may be an RDS controlled user that is used for performance insights.

I've submitted a feedback to AWS requesting they update their docs to include this. However I also wanted to pose this to the community here. Do you agree with my conclusion, or do you know otherwise about this user?

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Taken from here:

rdstopmgr – A role that's used internally by Amazon RDS to support Multi-AZ deployments.

  • Thanks. They added this to the documentation after I submitted my request. May 23, 2022 at 19:55

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