I am using SQL server 2019 AG.

I am facing an issue after moving temp DB files from one drive to another after locating the file paths by this script:

    Use master
    name AS [LogicalName]
    ,physical_name AS [Location]
    ,state_desc AS [Status]
    FROM sys.master_files
    WHERE database_id = DB_ID(N'tempdb');

there were 9 files

then I use to move them :

 USE master;
    ALTER DATABASE tempdb 
    MODIFY FILE (NAME = tempdev, FILENAME = 'T:\MSSQL\DATA\tempdb.mdf');
    ALTER DATABASE tempdb 
    MODIFY FILE (NAME = templog, FILENAME = 'T:\MSSQL\DATA\templog.ldf');

MODIFY FILE (NAME = temp2, FILENAME = ‘T:\MSSQL\DATA\tempdb_mssql_2.ndf’);

I run this for all 8 files, after that I run the first script again I did not find the rest of the files I just found tempdev, and templog . and I run the moving script again :

"MODIFY FILE failed. File 'temp2' does not exist" 

so I lost all the rest of the 9 files !! 7 files are missing

  • is there any way I can reattach these files?
  • is my SQL server will work fine with only 2 files log and DB?
  • 2
    Did you restart the instance after the move script in order to create the new tempdb files?
    – Dan Guzman
    May 3, 2022 at 12:07
  • Agree with Dan. Not doing a re-start after the move script would perfectly explain the posted behaviour. May 3, 2022 at 13:10
  • I did, I restarted the SQL service
    – Tala
    May 8, 2022 at 7:26

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You also need to check tempdb.sys.database_files. It's possible for there to be metadata mismatches between it and sys.master_files.

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