I executed the SP3 update and afterwards my SQL Server won't start.

Logs say that the master file is corrupted. I have backups of all the databases in the server but I cannot restore them as the server is offline.

I've searched around and saw some suggestions to re-run the setup file but I am having trouble locating an SQL Server 2016 installer.

I'm currently trying to restore the master database in another server instance but that is producing it's own issues.

Is there a way to fix this issue with as little data loss as possible? There is production data in the servers as well so I do not want to lose anything

  • I made a backup of all the data. I just need a way to get the server back up. I'd rather not have to start from scratch which is why I am asking if there is way to fix the master database
    – jfish
    May 14 at 13:41
  • If you have all the backup, you just need install the original 2016 again and restore your database.
    – Sean
    May 14 at 13:53


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