I have a txt file on my local PC. I run localy Java app which connects to remote MSSQL. Now I need to bulk insert from that text file into my database table.

However, SQL login can't read my file. I get:

Caused by: com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerException: Cannot bulk load because the file "D:/My_Files/my_file.txt" could not be opened. Operating system error code 21(The device is not ready.)

I set permissions on My_Files folder for 'Everyone'. I can't create a Windows user with the same name like SQL login because it is too long for Windows user. Is there a solution?

  • A remote SQL Server has no way of reading a file on your local PC. Try bcp.
    – mustaccio
    May 24, 2022 at 22:54
  • Why not have the Java app bulk insert into your database after reading from the file itself?
    – J.D.
    May 24, 2022 at 22:59
  • I am calling a store procedure from Java. This store procedure uses bulk insert from my local txt file to a table in remote db.
    – Hrvoje T
    May 24, 2022 at 23:00
  • J.D. that could work too, but I wrote the code like this, to bulk insert from a store procedure and it worked fine localy. Now I deployed my code and have trouble with remote db user accessing my text file.
    – Hrvoje T
    May 24, 2022 at 23:02

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As mustaccio pointed out, a local path is not going to be accessible from the SQL Server, which is the error you're receiving regarding "D:/My_Files/my_file.txt. It's looking for a file on the D: drive on the server that your SQL instance is installed on (not your local computer's D: drive).

You may be able to create a network share to that folder and reference it by UNC path in the SQL Server instance though. How to do that is more so in the scope of a ServerFault question.

Alternatively you can add code in your Java program to read the local file and then do a BULK INSERT command from the app to your database.

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