I thought this was possible, but looking at this:


It seems like it's impossible. What are the alternatives? I tried to think about the best solutions and it involves querying all documents and then selectively filtering, or making 2 queries instead of just one and combining them both.

I have something like Parent.find().sort().skip().limit(); Basically. I have a Course collection and a Student collection and I want to be able to let Student sort by the course they favorited, but because each student have their own favorites, it can't be done in a straightforward way. I was planning on creating foreign keys and then do a populate() and use the transform option to create a boolean and then sort by the path field like so:

doc = await Parent.populate([{
  path: 'favorites',
  transform: doc => doc == null ? true : false


But it looks like it's not possible. LIMIT_CONSTANT is roughly 20, and I am not sure what the most performant solution would be.


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