I have mongodb 5.0.8 on linux

We run multiple clusters but I see that on one cluster , with 3 shards there is a simultaneous increase on all shard servers in WiredTigerHS.wt file at times in my mongo data dir

This grows by almost 100GB in an hour ... while my total data size ( on disk ) is just 600GB per shard . The file grew to 470GB and filled up the disk

This does not happen all the time. I stopped the mongos on the cluster and then rebuilt the shard. Not the file is 50GB

Now , I changed this setting to ( But I am not sure on this )

"minSnapshotHistoryWindowInSeconds" : 10   

What is causing this sudden increase in file size ? how can i control it ? If it is increasing what should I do so that I dont run out of disk ?

  • Did you have a look at your logfiles? Jun 11 at 19:15
  • What should I look for in the logs , the servers are pretty busy there is no error in the logs but lots of other general messages
    – Ram
    Jun 13 at 4:35
  • Check with jq for errors or warnings. Jun 13 at 5:56


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