We have SQL Transactional pull replication:
Publisher and Distributor are at the same server - ServerA.
It publicates Publication1.
Pull Subscribers to Publication1 are - ServerB, ServerC and ServerD.

How can I completely drop let say ServerD as subscriber only, so no more left overs, no logs grow at ServerA, no alerts some commands are not replicated etc.? The rest replication to ServerB and ServerC must be in tact and going without any downtime. What should be correct order?


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Just delete the subscription from Server D:


  • And the correct sequence is as per MS doc? 1. Delete a pull subscription at the at Publisher. 2. Delete a pull subscription at the Subscriber? No need to run commands like sp_removedbreplication at any side ?
    – NewUser
    Jun 15, 2022 at 9:34
  • It "should" be straightforward and as the doc describes. If you're using SSMS UI then you'll have the option to connect to the publisher/subscriber to cleanup from there as well (depending where you're deleting from). If you're using T-SQL then start at the subscriber and then the publisher afterwards, again following the doc. A word a caution because it has happened, I have had occasions where replication metadata has remained afterwards and it's caused a mess; subscriptions don't disappear from replication monitor for example. If you can test this on a lower environment first then please do! Jun 15, 2022 at 10:23

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