Can I alter a table name in upper case to lower case? Would it be reflected in its references also?

My project is already done.

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If the database collation is case-insensitive then it could be changed, I'd check the server collation, too just in case.

SELECT name, collation_name FROM sys.databases.

CI indicates case-insensitive, CS is case sensitive. If you right click the server in SSMS and check properties you'll see the server collation name in there as well.


In addition to what David said, changing the table name, even just to change the casing, won't update your objects that reference that table in a query. I.e. any views, procedures, functions, etc, would still have the original casing in their definitions.

If your database and server are case-insensitive, this won't affect anything functionally, and the database objects that reference that table will still to continue to work.

To rename a table, you can use SSMS and right click it, then click Rename or you can use the system procedure sp_rename.

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