I've created a user in our mysql/mariaDB engine so our customers can read some views. User has been created as follows and can query the views with no problem.

CREATE USER IF NOT EXISTS "user_viewer"@"%" IDENTIFIED BY "password";
GRANT SELECT ON mydb.my_view1 TO 'user_viewer'@'%';
GRANT SELECT ON mydb.my_view2 TO 'user_viewer'@'%';

However, I'm wondering that this user has full read access to "information_schema" and "test" schemas. I understand that first is a dynamically built table necessary for normal usage but I don't understand why it has access to "test" (created automatically by mariaDB during deployment), even when I revoke all privileges with

  • In some versions, a wildcard user is granted privileges to schemas matching 'test%' so any user implicitly has access to any schema name starting with test. I don't have MariaDB, but I think you can try checking: SELECT * FROM mysql.db WHERE db LIKE 'test%' Jun 20 at 14:18
  • thanks @BillKarwin to point me in the right direction, I will add a comment explaining the issue Jun 21 at 15:45

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Thanks to @BillKarwin to point me in the right direction.

enter image description here

This can be done running https://mariadb.com/kb/en/mysql_secure_installation/

  • Recent versions of MySQL have decided not to create a 'test' schema or the privileges to all users for that schema by default, for the reason of security. Jun 21 at 16:00

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