To get a audit trail of users/hosts they're connecting to a MySQL server, I would like to install an audit plugin. I read a lot about the MariaDB server_audit plugin. However, when I try to install this plugin MySQL crashes when a new connection is made; it looks like this is a known problem. When I try to install a very new version, the installation fails: ERROR 1126 (HY000): Can't open shared library '/usr/lib/mysql/plugin/libaudit_plugin.so' (errno: 2 /usr/lib/mysql/plugin/libaudit_plugin.so: undefined symbol: _ZN11Query_cache21send_result_to_clientEP3THDPcj)

I'm using Ubuntu 18.04 with MySQL 5.7.38. Which plugin version (and where to find) can I use? Or is there a better sollution, for example another plugin that does the same? The only thing I need is a log with timestamps and the host/user they're connecting.

  • Are you sure you are using the MariaDB audit log? I use that (although not with 5.7.38 yet) but the file is called server_audit.so. I thought that libaudit_plugin.so was the McAffee Audit plugin?
    – IGGt
    Jun 23 at 9:58
  • Yes. wrong copy-paste; I tried the Mcafee plugin as well.
    – Tim
    Jun 24 at 10:04


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