Our current application is a legacy application which uses RPG, DB2 AS400. We are working on a modernized application which has to store data in modernized tables and also legacy tables as well. If legacy application is accessed then data has to insert in legacy tables and modernized tables. At a point of time, legacy tables will sunset Note: we are using DB2 AS400 for both modern and legacy applications, its just tables are different.

We thought of multiple approaches:

through messaging from both modernized and legacy side which can be done. through CDC approach, without involving code changes this can be done, which is a good solution. We have analyzed debezium tool but debezium does not work for DB2 AS400.

We are analyzing on change data capture (CDC) but have some questions. whether DB2 AS400 supports change data capture, how to enable and connector for db2 AS400. Could someone provide insight into how to approach the problem.

Does DB2 AS400 uses journals tables for change data caputre? Our current database is IBM i 7.3 that runs on AS400 OS

Please let me know if there is anything missing, before closing. I can update my post.

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    Hopefully this helps you understand the why of your question being closed, and helps you understand what the commnity is looking for in a scenario such as this. I'm not sure we have a lot of AS400 experts here, but these sort of questions are excellent for the long-tail nature of StackExchange, and may yield results in the future even if not today.
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