The witness server on my environment is corrupted and the mirrored database failed over to the secondary server. I removed database from Principal server, hoping that I can set up mirroring between the Mirror and Principal. So I backed up the database on Mirror, and restored it on the Principal; Configured mirroring on the Mirror and when I click start mirroring I got the following error message

Alter failed for the database xxx , An exception occurred while executing a Transact SQL Statement or Batch.. Database 'xxx' is not configured for database mirroring. Error 1416

I am guessing the error happened as I didn't remove the previous mirror configuration.

How can I remove my previous mirror config and setup a mirroring between these.

when i execute this SELECT role_desc, state_desc FROM sys.database_mirroring_endpoints


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ALTER ENDPOINT endPointName STATE = STOPPED will stop the mirroring.

DROP ENDPOINT endPointName will drop the end points, run this on both primary and mirror.

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