I am talking about sql server here.

I can connect to azure. I can also manage permissions.

But while doing some automation, I need to know if I am in azure or normal sql. how can I achieve that?

I have been using the @@version. However, it is said it is not accurate.

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One option could be EngineEdition .


SELECT CASE ServerProperty('EngineEdition')
         WHEN 1 THEN 'Personal'
         WHEN 2 THEN 'Standard'
         WHEN 3 THEN 'Enterprise'
         WHEN 4 THEN 'Express'
         WHEN 5 THEN 'SQL Database'
         WHEN 6 THEN 'Azure Synapse Analytics'
         WHEN 8 THEN 'Azure SQL Managed Instance'
         WHEN 9 THEN 'Azure SQL Edge'
         WHEN 11 THEN 'Azure Synapse serverless SQL pool'

Note. There are different ways of getting the SQL Server version on the link above using SERVERPROPERTY.

Another simpler method:

         WHEN ServerProperty('Edition') = 'SQL Azure'
         THEN 'Azure'
         ELSE 'No Azure' END AS server_version;



at the moment July/2022 I am using the following script. I have a few machines in azure, and sql server 2016,2017 and 2019.

set nocount on

DECLARE @version  varchar(20)
SELECT  @version = convert(varchar, serverproperty('ProductVersion'))

IF @version NOT LIKE '[0-9][0-9].%'
   SELECT @version = '0' + @version

PRINT @version

IF @version < '09.00.3042'
   RAISERROR('dbo.sp_showADGroups requires SQL Server 2005 SP2 or later', 16, 127)

select [version is] = @version, 

SELECT @Version=left(@Version,2)

SELECT [@Version]=@Version

IF @VERSION = '12' 
   PRINT 'We are in Azure'
   PRINT 'Not Azure'

 --this returns 8 in azure
 -- this returns 2 in sql 2019
 --this returns 3 in sql 2016

the query above returns the following - in azure:

enter image description here

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