Given table below

id | groupid | memberid
1  | g1      | m1
2  | g1      | m2
3  | g2      | m1
4  | g2      | m2
5  | g2      | m3

I'm trying to build a query where I want to get the groupid containing exact list of memberids. For example :

Given input as m1, m2 -> return g1

Given input as m1 -> return nothing

Given input as m1, m2, m3 -> return g3

Assuming it to be a simple social network group table, I'm looking to find a group id containing exact list of member ids.

What I did :

I tried building the query using group by, having, count operators but wasn't able to.

  • There is no g3 in the data example, is it a typo and you mean g2 ? Jul 27 at 17:25

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SELECT groupid
FROM table
HAVING GROUP_CONCAT(DISTINCT memberid ORDER BY memberid) = 'm1,m2'

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