I have a date-time data that comes in this format:


I've created a MariaDb database and a column for that date of type TIMESTAMP

However, when inserting the data into the column, I'll get an exception:

Db error: Incorrect datetime value: 2016-02-10T12:00:00.000Z for column `my_db`.`my_table`.`dt_column` 

I've tried to replace Z with '+00:00' -- to no avail, the error remained the same.

What's incorrect about it? Should I tweak the data type of my column somehow?

Or should I preprocess the value itself? How?

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MySQL/MariaDB are rather lame when it comes to standard date syntaxes. Remove the Z. (REPLACE('...', 'Z', ''))

The T may also cause trouble. (REPLACE('...', 'T', ' '))

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