I have data:

  • from API
  • from database (photos)

Data from API and database are connected with patientid field. I want to present data from API with photo from database.


  1. I get data from API. This data has column patientID.
  2. I query database for patients with id = patientID (from previous point) and take photos from database.
  3. I add the photo from database in (3) to the data from API in (1) for each patient.
  4. I show data to user from API and database. Photo and data for each patient.

Is this possible? Do you know how to start working with this case?

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  • any input is appreciated
    – Shibali
    2 days ago

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You don't say which [programming] technology is going to be doing this work.
I would suggest that this should be relatively straightforward for any programming language that can talk to both your API and to a database.

That said, I would question whether you want the photos in a database at all.
There's an overhead in getting the photos in there in the first place and another overhead in getting them back out again, when they're usually put into a file that then gets displayed within your [web] application. It might be simpler to leave the photos in files and have the database just hold the path to that file.

  • the photos are in cdn and I have links to cdn in database. when api returns a list of patient data, I want to attach the link from cdn to them. what do you mean with 'which programming tech'? you mean what language? I want to know more about the process and whether it is possible. and how you would best start working with this. p.s: I am not very techy :) e..g how should I save results of API call, get patientid, search for patientid in database, get photos with that patientid, show both api and photo in frontened.
    – Shibali
    Aug 5 at 8:29
  • This is computing - ANYTHING is /possible/. What are you using to /call/ that "API"? It must be a programming language or package of some sort. Telling us that might allow others - who know that particular technology - to step in and help you. You say you're not very "techy" - given that you're working with "Patient" data you need to be very, very careful. There is a lot of legislation around these days about ANY Data that relates to [living] People (namely GDPR). Familiarise yourself with it or hire a professional. [Up to] 20m Euro fines for a Data Breach is no fun!
    – Phill W.
    Aug 5 at 9:02
  • we know we are working with delicate data. thats why we are working only with demo data right now :). we are working with some nocode tools right now, but are planning to move to code if we think we can achieve good things. but our concern was more of the process: like how to get the API data (save it in cache or whatever) and mix it with database photos with great load performance.
    – Shibali
    Aug 5 at 9:08
  • You still haven't said /which/ "nocode tools" you're working with or what else you're considering using. That would /really/ help us to help you! It's good to think about "load performance" but, quite frankly, with this kind of Data, the security of the data MUST be first and foremost in your thinking. Everything else is almost secondary. The ramifications of "leaking" Personal Data, especially the /Sensitive/ Personal Data that you have for "patients", cannot be ignored or down-played.
    – Phill W.
    Aug 5 at 13:14
  • I am using bubble and Xano (which you probably have not heard). you can consider that I am using another language like python. please, ignore the type of data for the moment. as I said I am more interested on the process or things that I should be aware of rather than the specific code I have to write. as you say load performance is very important and I would like to know how an expert deals with it. thanks again
    – Shibali
    Aug 5 at 13:37

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