We have deleted some of the partionons of some tables in cassandra database. But after the delete space was not recliamed becuase of size-tiered compaction . Manualy compacted tables with -s options. we have cluster of having 2 data ceneters and each with 6 nodes, we ran compaction both the DC's of all nodes. But Disk usage on DC1 reduced but 6% increase on the other DC2. So please let me know the reason for this and also suggest me on the next steps 2 bring down the usage of disk on Dc2. for your information even load on both DC's are come down.

Even cleared old snapshots of around 1.3TB on all nodes

o/p command as of below comment 4 (find /path/to/dir/ -printf '%s %p\n'| sort -nr | head -10):

12434906818 /data1/cassandra/data/witsml/log_curve-c9311570d40d11e7af9a6b6facb54bee/.maxdatetimeindex_idx/md-283562-big-Data.db
4111835201 /data1/Full_Backup/data1/cassandra/data/system_distributed/parent_repair_history-deabd734b99d3b9c92e5fd92eb5abf14/snapshots/2022-08-05/md-680-big-Data.db
4111835201 /data1/Full_Backup/data1/cassandra/data/system_distributed/parent_repair_history-deabd734b99d3b9c92e5fd92eb5abf14/snapshots/2022-07-29/md-680-big-Data.db
4111835201 /data1/Full_Backup/data1/cassandra/data/system_distributed/parent_repair_history-deabd734b99d3b9c92e5fd92eb5abf14/snapshots/2022-07-22/md-680-big-Data.db
4111835201 /data1/Full_Backup/data1/cassandra/data/system_distributed/parent_repair_history-deabd734b99d3b9c92e5fd92eb5abf14/snapshots/2022-07-15/md-680-big-Data.db
4111835201 /data1/Full_Backup/data1/cassandra/data/system_distributed/parent_repair_history-deabd734b99d3b9c92e5fd92eb5abf14/snapshots/2022-07-08/md-680-big-Data.db
4111835201 /data1/Full_Backup/data1/cassandra/data/system_distributed/parent_repair_history-deabd734b99d3b9c92e5fd92eb5abf14/snapshots/2022-07-01/md-680-big-Data.db
4111835201 /data1/Full_Backup/data1/cassandra/data/system_distributed/parent_repair_history-deabd734b99d3b9c92e5fd92eb5abf14/snapshots/2022-06-24/md-680-big-Data.db
4111835201 /data1/cassandra/data/system_distributed/parent_repair_history-deabd734b99d3b9c92e5fd92eb5abf14/md-680-big-Data.db
3782418777 /data1/Full_Backup/data1/cassandra/data/system_distributed/parent_repair_history-deabd734b99d3b9c92e5fd92eb5abf14/snapshots/2022-08-05/md-1963-big-Data.db
  • Have you looked at a similar post? These things might help triage this better: 1. Version of the Cassandra (for e.g. OSS C* 3.11.10) 2. Schema of the table 3. Exact query used to delete data 4. Also, could you post the output of command? ``` find /path/to/dir/ -printf '%s %p\n'| sort -nr | head -10 ```
    – Madhavan
    Commented Aug 10, 2022 at 13:20
  • Thanks for the answer :1 . version is Apache cassandra 3.11.2 (2) schema : total six tables 3 : Delete from table where partition='x' and object_id=x Commented Aug 10, 2022 at 21:24
  • output :12434906818 /data1/cassandra/data/witsml/log_curve-c9311570d40d11e7af9a6b6facb54bee/.maxdatetimeindex_idx/md-283562-big-Data.db 4111835201 /data1/Full_Backup/data1/cassandra/data/system_distributed/parent_repair_history-deabd734b99d3b9c92e5fd92eb5abf14/snapshots/2022-08-05/md-680-big-Data.db 4111835201 Commented Aug 10, 2022 at 21:25
  • 4111835201 /data1/Full_Backup/data1/cassandra/data/system_distributed/parent_repair_history-deabd734b99d3b9c92e5fd92eb5abf14/snapshots/2022-07-29/md-680-big-Data.db 4111835201 /data1/Full_Backup/data1/cassandra/data/system_distributed/parent_repair_history-deabd734b99d3b9c92e5fd92eb5abf14/snapshots/2022-07-22/md-680-big-Data.db 4111835201 /data1/Full_Backup/data1/cassandra/data/system_distributed/parent_repair_history-deabd734b99d3b9c92e5fd92eb5abf14/snapshots/2022-07-15/md-680-big-Data.db Commented Aug 10, 2022 at 21:26
  • complete output of command in your 4th question is added to end of the question Commented Aug 10, 2022 at 21:29

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So for possible reasons why space isn't reclaimed after running a major compaction, I can think of the following:

  • A snapshot of a table is hard-linked to the SSTable file(s).
  • The tombstones' gc_grace_seconds for the table has not expired (tombstones are still valid and won't get collected).

I would double-check the gc_grace_seconds (default of 10 days...864000 seconds) and maybe try running it again.

NOTE: Future Googlers, avoid running nodetool compact at all costs.

Compaction will likely never happen organically ever again, which means you'll need an ongoing ops process to run it regularly.

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