I have troubles with usage of Package Parts in SSIS.

My environment consists of:

  • VisualStudio 2019 16.11.18
  • Add-on SSIS 4.1 to VisualStudio
  • Windows 10 21H2
  • SQL 2019 CU16 - Standard edition

The package part I have developed in my solution consists of sequence container containing: 1) Script Task 2) Execute SQL task (in this order).

The problem I fight with is, when I add this package part to any package, the package itself in solution explorer starts to contain "sub-file" with .designer extension. Now I know this is a feature and the .designer file is going to be merged to .dtsx file after all. When I close the whole Visual studio and try to reopen the same project where the .designer files occured after adding Package Parts to package, the VS says: "ssis cannot create project for designer extension" and the project cannot be opened, the only way is to import .ispac file.

Has anyone experienced similar problem and found root cause? Thanks.


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