I am currently setting up Mongo DB on a dedicated web server. I am not experienced with Mongo so I have some questions around its setup. I have done research in to Mongo etc but would like some assistance/direction on the following:

  • on the windows server this will be running on I will have an anti virus running on the server. Are there any files on mongo that I should avoid scanning?

  • in the area of clustering, what is the default/recommended setup for this? In what manner should it be setup in an enviornment it is storing data for a front wcf application.

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You shouldn't scan the folder in which mongodb stores it's data files, as this will degrade performance. The location is set by using the --dbpath C:\Where\You\Want\The\Files flag at runtime.

With regards to best practices for clustering, I'd recommend taking a look at the Infrastructure Requirements for a Sharded Cluster page.

At a minimum, you will need three config servers, two or more shards and one or more MongoSes

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