In a situation where a node keeps going up and down (for example, becomes temporarily unresponsive due to GC), is there a way to limit the the hints stored for the problematic node to prevent build up of hints files?

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It is possible to limit the size of hints for a node that is unresponsive or unreachable by specifying a maximum size per node in cassandra.yaml. For example:

max_hints_size_per_host: 1024MiB

Note that this needs to be set on all nodes and will require a restart to take effect. Cheers!


Another good cassandra.yaml setting for limiting hint build-up is the max_hint_window_in_ms. By default, it is set to capture hints for 3 hours of node downtime. But it can be adjusted to suit your needs.

max_hint_window_in_ms: 10800000 # 3 hours

Per Erick's note above, this will also need to set per node and require a restart.

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