Is there some way to bring packages and procedures of a schema during the transportable tablespace export/import? in me research it seems all plsql for all users is actually stored by by the SYS user in SYSTEM tablespace. If i am exporting foo tablespace (transport_tablespaces=foo) used by schema foo, those objects (packages, procedures and functions) don't come with the tablespace foo because it is in system tablespace.

The only way I've found to import those object (packages, procedures and functions) is, after finish the transportable tablespace import, make a new export of the schema in the source database with the option content=metadata_only and then, reimport it in target database. Is the the only way? (two steps).

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No option for that with the transportable tablespace feature.

Full Transportable Export/Import can do it.

Introduction to Full Transportable Export/Import

You can use the full transportable export/import feature to copy an entire database from one Oracle Database instance to another.

Limitations on Full Transportable Export/import

Full transportable export/import can export and import user-defined database objects in administrative tablespaces using conventional Data Pump export/import, such as direct path or external table. Administrative tablespaces are non-user tablespaces supplied with Oracle Database, such as the SYSTEM and SYSAUX tablespaces.

Full Transportable Export and Import

Full transportable export/import greatly simplifies and accelerates the process of database migration. Combining the ease of use of Oracle Data Pump with the performance of transportable tablespaces, full transportable export/import gives you the ability to upgrade or migrate to Oracle Database in a single operation if your source database is at least Oracle Database 11g Release 2 (

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