I have a very basic pipeline: I would like to save hyperlinks from an excel file source into an SQL database as a varbinary. The issue arises when I try to convert the corresponding column from the source file (DT_WSTR, Length: 255) into a DT_Image, for some reason I am getting the

potential loss of data

error. I understand that this error is thrown when you convert from a datatype with a bigger length to a datatype of a smaller length, but why does this happen in my case, and how can I work around this?

enter image description here

All the examples online seem to have no issue doing this type of conversion

  • It might be helpful for folks to understand why you are interested in storing a URL (which is just plain text) in a varbinary column rather than a varchar column. The most obvious workaround (to me) is to just store the URL as a varchar(255). There might be something related to why you are using varbinary that is relevant to your problem, and any proposed solutions.
    – AMtwo
    Sep 9, 2022 at 19:06


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