I'm using EDB Replication server to have 3 postgres 14 databases in sync (MMR Replication). I'm using Table Trigger as changeset logging It's working fine for the most part, but I have a problem with Sequences. Although the table rows change properly, the sequence is not updated on replicated tables. I can update the Sequences manually, I use this code:

    (SELECT PG_GET_SERIAL_SEQUENCE('"table"', 'id')),
    (SELECT (MAX("id") + 1) FROM "table"),

and it all works fine after that, but it's a real hassle to run that code every time there is an addition on the database. And for each table affected. Is there a way to update the Sequence during replication automatically?

Machines are all using Windows 10

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This is working as designed. In a multi-master replication setting sequences can be (and normally are) updated independently on each write node. To avoid conflicts consider using multimaster-ready sequences or other techniques described in the documentation.

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