I want to only have 1 row in my table. I am populating a row from Server1 to Server2 on a single table using SSSIS. I am updating Execution End time that I get from a table in server1 to a table in server2. Here is the query I use to populate :

FROM cr_stat_execution cse    
WHERE cse.EXEC_NAME = 'ETL'     
ORDER BY exec_end_time DESC

The problem: I am returning rows of data from previous days of SSIS extractions which i schedule them daily. Instead of having rows of data I only want to have 1 row with the most recent data that i get from the SSIS jobs. I only want to update server2's table with the recent record only or rewrite previous days data... if that makes sense? I don't want to have a history on my table, how can I modify my query to only populate the most recent data from Server1 to Server2 without having rows of history. Or how do I modify my SSIS to do what I want it to do?



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