I want to use CLOB datatype instead of varchar2(4000) and long, in which I want store limitless characters . However, its easy to declare the string based column to CLOB but the main problem is when I insert the paragraph it stores and on runtime when check it shows just a single line.. As am new, your guidance will help me a-lot thanks.

I have tried this, on runtime it only displays limited characters. I want to store one page paragraph in single row and on runtime it displays all the characters of the paragraph.


Using SQL*PLUS enter image description here

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This is just a display limitation. By default SQL*Plus shows a limited amount of characters for LONG and LOB columns. This limit can be increased as:

set long 2000000000
  • Thank you for the guidance, it works fine. Commented Sep 21, 2022 at 5:12

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