i have the following t-sql to move files from 1 directory to another.

I tried both versions. job step succeeded with no errors, but files do not move.

any thoughts/suggestions?

EXEC xp_cmdshell  ' Move /Y "C:\SomeFiles\" "C:\SomeFiles\FileArchive\" ';

EXEC xp_cmdshell ' Move C:\SomeFiles\ C:\SomeFiles\FileArchive\ ';

  • Did you try running your command manually, outside SQL Server?
    – mustaccio
    Sep 23 at 15:45

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Its because C:\SomeFiles\FileArchive\ is a Sub-Directory of C:\SomeFiles. Try running the command from a command prompt to test.

move /Y C:\SomeFiles\*.* C:\SomeFiles\FileArchive\

Will get you what you want.

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