Sql server automatically creates the default trace into multiple files. These can be seen in the LOGS directory of sql server installation path.

The sys.fn_trace_getinfo has a trace_id parameter which I'm not sure where I can find.

How to view the trace_id of the default trace files?

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You can find the Trace ID in the DMV sys.traces.

According to the documentation, other valid inputs are NULL, 0 or DEFAULT.

Valid inputs are the ID number of a trace, NULL, 0, or DEFAULT. NULL, 0, and DEFAULT are equivalent values in this context. Specify NULL, 0, or DEFAULT to return information for all traces in the instance of SQL Server.

But the documentation also has a warning that sys.fn_trace_getinfo should no longer be used, and to use Extended events instead.

  • What is the extended events equivalent for this?
    – variable
    Commented Sep 30, 2022 at 8:39

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