At the moment, we have powerBI set up to extract data directly out of excel files. However, we are running out of memory to create the dataset and looking to make use of the DirectQuery function of PowerBI

The database software to be DirectQueried should be able to extract millions of rows of data out of hundreds of excel files. The amount of data is continuously expanding.

Then PowerBI should be able to DirectQuery this datasource.

We hope this solution would allow us to keep making relevant reports out of the ever expanding amount of data.

The question is, what beginner friendly database software would be good to use out of the extensive list of possible data sources that can be direct queried.

  • Any modern RDBMS will do for the task. SQL Server is a Microsoft product so probably pairs best with PowerBI (but you don't have to use it to use PowerBI). If you do choose SQL Server, there are a multitude of manual and automated ways (Database Tasks, Flat File Import, SQL Agent Jobs, SSIS) you can use to accomplish this, depending on the frequency of data change / growth.
    – J.D.
    Oct 3, 2022 at 12:16


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