So I have these three tables. The orders table is list of orders existed, while the order details consist of items that is in an order (because 1 order can have more than one catalog). I'm using mysql


Order_id Name Email Shipping_Status
1 Bryan [email protected] Shiped


Od_id Order_id Catalog_id Quantity
1. 1 1 5
2. 1 2 5


Catalog_id quantityInStock
1 10
2 10

I want to create a trigger that if the shipping_status in orders table is 'shipped', then it will update the stock in inventory.

I've created this trigger

create trigger update_inventory
after update on cust_order
for each row 
if new.shipping_status="Shipped" then
update inventory 
set inStock = inStock - (select quantity from order_item where order_id=new.order_id)
where catalog_id in (select catalog_id from order_item where order_id=new.order_id);
end if;

But it doesn't work and turns #1242 - Subquery returns more than 1 row

How to create trigger that updates multiple row at once?


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CREATE TRIGGER update_inventory
AFTER UPDATE ON cust_order
UPDATE inventory 
JOIN order_item USING (catalog_id)
SET inventory.quantityInStock = inventory.quantityInStock - order_item.quantity
WHERE cust_order.order_id = NEW.order_id
  AND NEW.shipping_status = 'Shipped';

The query needs order_item (order_id, catalog_id) to be defined as UNIQUE in the table structure. If not then you must use aggregating subquery instead of single table in JOIN order_item.


Triggers are rather limited in what they can do.

Instead, write a Stored Procedure to encapsulate the set of operations that you need to perform "atomically". And be sure to put them in a "transaction".

  • I do not see the limitation which prevents the trigger usage - except incorrect logic during its creation.
    – Akina
    Oct 7, 2022 at 4:29

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