Recently I've receive some alerts of unusable materialized view indexes and it happens when a materialized view is refreshed. The materialized view is refreshed with this command:

exec dbms_mview.refresh('MY_MV',atomic_refresh=>false);

atomic_refresh=>false always make the index unusable and then rebuild it? or could be other reason? I guess it make sense since atomic_refresh=>false truncate the table and probably rebuild the index is faster?

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Do the indexes become usable again after refresh? If yes, you have probably explained the reason.

Actually, during non-atomic refresh, even the MView is not unusable. Who care about the indexes in that period?

  • Thanks, I was not sure about how to explain why the index unusable alert open every day, but make sense.
    – Astora
    Commented Oct 21, 2022 at 18:38

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