My Postgres version is 11.15. I have a table like:

id employee
1 Anna
2 Bill
3 Carol
4 Dave
5 Tom

The output I need is

id cumulative_employees
1 Anna
2 Bill, Anna
3 Carol, Bill, Anna
4 Dave, Carol, Bill, Anna
5 Tom, Dave, Carol, Bill, Anna

I tried using LAG function of PostgreSQL but it only gives me last row value, could not find a way to get all previous rows, number of rows is dynamic and can be anywhere between 12 to 52 rows.

Can you please help me out?

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To get the inverted order of elements in the aggregated string, something like this would do:

     , string_agg(employee, ', ') OVER (ORDER BY id DESC
                                        ROWS BETWEEN CURRENT ROW AND UNBOUNDED FOLLOWING)
FROM   tbl


Aggregate functions allow a local per-group ORDER BY:

SELECT string_agg(employee, ', ' ORDER BY id DESC) AS cumulative_employees
FROM   tbl;

But the same is not implemented for window functions. Hence the "trick" with shifted window frames to achieve the same.


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