I have a DBCC check that will always fail with the following error:

Msg 8992, Level 16, State 1, Line 2
Check Catalog

Msg 3853, State 1:
Attribute (referenced_object_id=517752334,key_index_id=1) of row (object_id=660509732) in sys.foreign_keys does not have a matching row (object_id=517752334,index_id=1) in sys.indexes.

I have found the problem where the referenced_object_id is wrong and needs to be changed to 517785102 for FK_SytModuleStat_SytModule.

I can't change it in sys.foreign_keys and I can't drop and recreate the FK_SytModuleStat_SytModule in the SytModuleStat to fix the problem. The only problem is that the FK is no longer correct when I try to modify it, I see that the primary/unique key base and column fields are blank compared to a working one.

I have tried many suggestions with alter, drop create, set emergency etc. But I can't fix this one key!

I have tried to connect with DAC in single user mode and it won't let me enable ad hoc updates even with the reconfigure overrride option. I get this error:

Ad hoc updates to system catalogs are not allowed.

DBCC repair with data loss won't work, and there doesn't seem to be a repair catalog feature in SQL Server 2014 Express Edition.


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If your user tables are readable, use the Copy Database Wizard selecting the "SQL Management Object method" to copy your objects to a new database. After verifying the data and security in the new databases, backup and drop the old one and rename the new one.

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