I have a problem I can't work out. I am using the postgres account on my instance, and I have some failures in selecting from a view, where can select against the base table fine.

Let me run through a log of what I did, regranting explicitly anything that may be missing.

I can select from the table, but not from the view, with ERROR: 42501

deals2=> select count(*) from schema1.a1a_table1 where 1 = 0;
ERROR:  42501: permission denied for table table1
LOCATION:  aclcheck_error, aclchk.c:3554
deals2=> select count(*) from schema1.table1 where 1 = 0;
(1 row)

deals2=> grant connect on database deals2 to postgres;
deals2=> grant usage on schema schema1 to postgres;
deals2=> grant select on schema1.table1 to postgres;
deals2=> grant select on schema1.a1a_table1 to postgres;
deals2=> select * from schema1.a1a_table1 where 1 = 0;
ERROR:  42501

The view is defined as:

-- View definition of schema1.a1a_table1

 SELECT schema1.book,
    -- etc
FROM schema1.table1;

I think I know my databases quite well and can't really figure this one out.

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Check who the owner of the table and the view are, and what permissions are set on each.

Unless you defined the view with security_invoker = on (from v15 on), the permissions on table1 are checked with the owner of a1a_table. So you'd have to grant that owner the SELECT privilege on table1 for the view to work.

If the view has security_invoker = on, the user who uses the view must have the SELECT privilege.

The documentation describes that in detail.

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