We have our master RDS MySQL in AWS , and slave set up done in EC2 instance, MySQL version 5.7, I have done the initial set up and replication working fine with single Database. In my case in master there are multiple database so in slave I need to replicate all the databases in the master. So in master weekly new database will be added ,so how could I replicate the same in slave . what's the best practices for the same.

Current set up done: Installed MySQL in EC2 instance AWS RDS Read Replica created and stopped replication Taken the Database and restored in slave updated value of Relay_Master_Log_File, and -log_position is the value of Exec_Master_Log_Pos.

Given below the my.cnf configuartion

[mysqld]pid-file = /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.pidsocket = /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sockdatadir = /var/lib/mysqllog-error
= /var/log/mysql/error.logserver_id=2replicate-do-db=db_name1

Please let me know is there any options to replicate all Database in master to slave.

For replication other database I have stopped the replication and taken dump and restored in slave and updated the position values .

I have modified the my.cnf configuration value as below.

replicate-do-db=db_name1,db_name2 started the slave, the slave seems no issues but master to slave sync is not working.


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