I tried to deploy Db2 Warehouse on my Windows 10 system today. I followed the instructions on IBM.com exactly and everything worked until the command

docker run -itd -p 8443:8443 -p 50000-50001:50000-50001 -p 389:389 --net=db2wh_net --privileged=true --name=Db2wh -v db2wh_vol:/mnt/bludata0 -v db2wh_vol:/mnt/blumeta0 icr.io/obs/hdm/db2wh_ee:v11.5.6.0-db2wh-linux -e DISABLE_SPARK=NO

and the following command

docker logs --follow Db2wh

After some time the terminal spits out a link with username and password, and the message that everything is "ready" (see https://pastebin.com/NNHYE5U2). But when I tried to open it, nothing happened. The website is not accessible. Could this be due to the error:

Failed to start LSB: Bring up/down networking.

If so, how do I fix it?


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