I am learning MongoDB by myself. I am following all the official guides as well as watching videos and I am practicing on a movie database. Each document has an array "crew" with a "give_name" (not given_name) property and an array "ratings" with a "rating_date" property. I want to query movies that starring Leonardo DiCaprio rated after 2010-01-01. The below line of code seems to be correct to me according to what I have seen, however, it returns an error

clone(t={}){const r=t.loc||{};return e({loc:new Position("line"in r?r.line:this.loc.line,"column"in r?r.column:...<omitted>...)} could not be cloned.

Could anyone show me where is the mistake? Because I have been staring at this string for a good couple of hours and made different changes so far unsuccesfully. Thank you.

  "$and": [
  {"crew": {"$elemMatch" {
    "give_name": "Leonardo DiCaprio"}}},
  {"ratings": {"$elemMatch": {
    "rating_date": {"$gte": ISODate("2010-01-01")}
  "_id": 0,
  "crew.give_name.$": 1,
  "ratings.rating_date.$": 1
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    You missed the colon: {"crew": {"$elemMatch" { must be {"crew": {"$elemMatch": { Maybe use a proper JavaScript editor like Visual Studio Code - it is open-source! Dec 2, 2022 at 16:27


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