The current oracle patch 19.17 and OJVM was applied with opatch apply successfully with no errors.

  • Patch 34411846: OJVM RELEASE UPDATE

The datapatch fails with the follwoing error. How to solve this?

 D:\oracle\product\19000\db\OPatch\datapatch -verbose


No interim patches need to be rolled back
Patch 34468114 (Windows Database Bundle Patch : (34468114)):
Apply from Release_Update 220717095735 to Release_Update 221027022151
The following interim patches will be applied:
34411846 (OJVM RELEASE UPDATE: (34411846))

Error: prereq checks failed!
patch 34086870: Archive::Zip->writeToFileNamed returned 4
Prereq check failed, exiting without installing any patches.

Please refer to MOS Note 1609718.1 and/or the invocation log
for information on how to resolve the above errors.

SQL Patching tool complete on Fri Dec 2 14:01:25 2022

Patch 34086870: OJVM RELEASE UPDATE seem to be the OJVM patch from the previous quarter.

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The only way we found to fix this :

delete from DBA_REGISTRY_SQLPATCH where PATCH_ID=34086870;

This is not confirmed by oracle support.

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