On SQL Server 2016 (13.0.6300.2) we have one table that have two XML columns and around 1 500 000 rows. Size of table is around 150 GB. What is the best option to compress this table ? I was checking PAGE compression on dev environment but it saves only 3%. Is it chance that on Sql Server 2019 (planned update in near future) will be better ?

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XML data isn't compressed using page compression if the data is off-row. By default, the XML data (all types of LOB data) is in-row if the row is smaller than 8 000 bytes.

Unless I mis-calculate, you average 107 000 bytes per row. I.e., it is very likely that the vast amount of your XML data is off-row. Meaning page compression won't help (much).

SQL Server 2022 has XML compression. See this and this (the XML_COMPRESSION option).

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