It is apparent that there are many Power BI Premium Model capabilities which are not in Analysis Services (such as AI). For the purpose of this question, I am mainly concerned with some less modern, fundamental capabilities I listed below.

My question is:

Does Power BI Premium Model now have all of the capabilities of Analysis Services Tabular? (November 2022)

When I had previously researched this earlier in 2022, I had determined the following three, key differences:

1 - Partitioning

  • Partitioning is in SSAS, but not in Power BI Modeling.
  • However, if PBI Premium can refresh 48 times daily, maybe partitioning isn't necessary?

2 - Row Level Security (RLS)

  • RLS in SSAS is built into the solution and deployment.
  • RLS in Power BI is defined on a per-report-basis

3 - Data Size Limit

  • SSAS has no data size limit.
  • Power BI Premium User has a limit of 100 GB
  • Power BI Premium Tenant has a limit of 400 GB

Now, with the November 22, 2022 update, does Power BI Premium Model have all of the capabilities of Analysis Services?


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