I manage a few on-premise SQL Servers with SSMS, have been doing so for a while. Back in the day, I setup a local git repository to store all my scripts in, and this worked great for just me.

Times change and with more team members and more servers, I have since uploaded all my scripts to my company's Azure DevOps instance, which was 100% painless. When I started using SSIS/Visual Studio, I stored the projects in Azure DevOps to start, and that worked out.

What I can't seem to figure out is how to get SSMS to use Azure DevOps for a solution location. Is there a plugin I'm missing? Google searches for it don't seem to turn anything up.

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SSMS is or was under the hood Visual Studio, but the took another path years ago. So unfortunately no Azure DevOps integration out of the box there.

There are however a number of vendors creating solutions as plugin or stand alone tool to support your process:


Stand alone, side-by-side or replacing SSMS

There is a lot out there, please be sure to look at your work process first before choosing a tool.

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