Oracle says:

The value of the memlock should be at least 90 percent of the current RAM when HugePages memory is enabled and at least 3145728 KB (3 GB) when HugePages memory is disabled.

But the MOS Oracle Linux: What is Memlock and How to Calculate the Values for Memlock? (Doc ID 2511230.1) show this formule:

For that following calculation:

Number Hugepages * Hugepagesize = minimum Memlock

Following example:

20480 * 2048 = 41943040

vi /etc/security/limits.conf

oracle soft memlock 41943040
oracle hard memlock 41943040

Should we considerer 90% of available ram or Hugepages * Hugepagesize?

Also, the doc says "at least 3145728 KB (3 GB) when HugePages memory is disabled". Let's say our server has 200gb memory, this "at least" is still applicable?


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