As stated in the title, I'm wondering what the best way to monitor compaction strategy performance is on my DSE cluster over time, as it (the database) grows. The current strategy in use is leveledCompaction.

Any information, input, guides, etc. you can recommend for monitoring strategy are welcome.


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There are several free tools you can use to monitor DataStax Enterprise (DSE) clusters. The relevant metrics to monitor include active compactions, pending compactions, and blocked compactions.


DSE OpsCenter is a visual monitoring tool that collects metrics about your cluster and allows you to view the performance metrics over time.

Have a look at the compaction thread pool metrics for details.

Metrics Collector

The DSE Metrics Collector is built on collectd and aggregates metric data from your cluster that can be exported to existing monitoring systems including Prometheus. There are pre-configured Grafana dashboards you can use out-of-the-box.

Have a look at the Compaction and Thread pool statistics for available metrics. Cheers!

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